Allergen Detection in 11 Minutes

3M™ Egg White Allergen Kit



3M™ Egg White Protein Rapid Kits are a sensitive, ready to use lateral flow device for on-site routine testing for a egg white allergens.

Allergens can be detected at any stage of the production process from ingredient testing through to finished product analysis. The lateral flow device provides hygiene test result within 11 minutes, enabling corrective actions to be implemented quickly when required.

  • One step extraction 
  • Results in 11 minutes
  • Hook Line  - avoids false negatives
  • Long shelf life – 2 years from manufacture


The Hook Test Advantage

The hook effect or prozone effect is well-recognised phenomenon where high levels of antigen/allergen can produce false negative results in immunoassays. This may cause food processors to release product that actually contains dangerous levels of allergens that pose a high risk to allergy sufferers. The 3M Allergen kits have an additional Hook Line detection system in their strips to identify this problem, providing great confidence and security in your allergen reporting.

Reading LFD

Egg Allergens

Hen’s egg (Gallus gallus) are used throughout the food industry as an ingredient for many food products and is one of the most common food allergens, particularly infants. Both exposure and ingestion of eggs can cause quite severe allergic reactions including anaphylaxis.

Both egg white and yolk contain proteins known to be allergenic. Examples are ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, lysozyme, ovomucoid (from the egg white) and livetin (from the yolk). Most of the allergens are present in the egg white, while the yolk only has a low allergenic potential. Separation of yolks from the white is not complete so some egg white is present in separated egg yolk. Cross-contamination with egg white during food production cannot always be ruled out, making the detection of egg white proteins and their residues in food products and production lines indispensable.As these proteins are heat stable, the allergenic potency is retained after cooking processes highlighting the importance for correct labelling and the prevention of cross contamination in the food production area.

Eggs are a very versatile ingredient and can be found in a wide range of foods: baked goods, meat products, mayonnaise and salad dressings, soups, ice cream and chocolate.



  • Limit of Detection:
    • 0.5ppm  Finished Product and Rinse Water
    • 0.5µg / 100cm² Swab Testing)
  • Range of Detection:
    • 0.5-10000ppm egg white

Each test kit comes complete with strips, extraction tubes, an extraction buffer and quick guide

Video Demonstration

3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay CIP Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Swab Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Liquid Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Liquid Chocolate Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Solid Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Result Interpretation

3M™ Allergen at a Glance
3M™ Allergen Brochure
3M™ Food Allergen Control

3M™ Egg White Protein Rapid Kit


Ordering Details

Cat No:3ML25EGG        3M™ Egg White Protein Rapid                 Pack Size: 25 tests

Cat No:3MECS100        3M™ Environmental Collection Swab      Pack Size: 100 tests

Cat No:3MTP100           3M™ Transfer Pipette 100uL                     Pack Size: 100 tests



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