Free Chlorine Test Strips

Quantitation of Free Chlorine in water

Due to its strong oxidizing properties, chlorine is an excellent agent used to treat drinking water, municipal wastes, and other water sources. When used to treat drinking water, chlorine helps to alleviate the adverse effects of iron, manganese, ammonia, and sulfides. The most common testing method for the determination of Free Chlorine concentrations is DPD. SenSafeTM Free Chlorine strips use the patented indicator TMB (US pat. 5491094) and aperture (US pat. 6541269) that eliminate many of the short-comings of DPD.  

Cat No.               Range                                                             Pack size

ITS-480002         Free Chlorine 0- 5 ppm (mg/l)             Bottle of 50

ITS-480022         Free Chlorine 0-120 ppm (mg/l)          Bottle of 50

ITS-480023         Free Chlorine 0-25 ppm (mg/l)            Bottle of 50

ITS-480024         Free Chlorine 0-750 ppm (mg/l)          Bottle of 50


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