Rapid Chemical Analysis

CDR FOODLab® for Fats and Oils


FoodLab® and FoodLab® Junior enable rapid analysis of oils and fats in for quality and process control in real time. Simple extraction procedures allow for easy analysis of products which contain either fats or oil as an ingredient.

  • Rapid, accurate results which correlate to traditional methods
  • Minimal (if any) sample preparation
  • Touchscreen with step by step instructions – user friendly
  • Multi-Tasking Mode with FOODLab – allows multiple sample analysis
  • Reduce hazards – staff no longer handle toxic solvents
  • Ready to use vials with a long shelf life


With minimal sample preparation and ready-to-use vials, the FoodLab® can be used anywhere in the production area or in the laboratory. Following the step-by-step instructions on the easy to read LCD screen, both models will automatically calculate and display the result in the correct unit of measure. Results can be printed for filing or sharing with colleagues either by the built-in printer featured in the FOODLab model, or when using the FOODLab Junior by an external printer wireless connected to the unit. Thanks to the Multi-Tasking Mode, the FOODLab® model can run several analyses simultaneously on the same sample or run the same test on 16 different samples.

CDR FOODLab® has an extensive range of applications as seen below: 

  • Determine shelf life of bakery products, snacks, creams and fried food
  • Monitor the quality of frying oil, and Palm Oil
  • Assess the quality of raw ingredients, finished product of nuts and hard shelled fried fruit
  • Quality control of valuable oils, essential oils and cosmetics
  • Analysis of Natural vegetable oil, Fish Oil, Algae Oil, Vegetable Oils, Animal Fats, Biofuels or Biodiesel, Refined oils
  • Simple analysis of flours, animal feed, butter and margarine

Chemical Tests Currently Available:







Peroxide Value
p-Anisidine Value
Iodine Value in Palm Oil
Polyphenols in Olive Oil



 Simultaneous Analysis  16  3
 Multi-Task Mode(possibility to perform more analyses on the same sample  Yes  No
 Incubation Module  37°C block with 16 positions  37°C block with 3 positions
 Number of samples that can be analysed at the same time  16  3
 Internal memory to store analysis  Yes  Yes
 Touchscreen Display  Yes  Yes
 Printer  Yes  No
 USB host port to connect USB Memories  Yes  No
 USB port to connect to a computer  Yes  Yes
 Wireless Link for external printer  No  Yes
 Lithium Ion Battery  No  Yes

Video Demonstration 


CDR FOODLab® Fats and Oils
CDR FOODLab® for Fish Oil
CDR FOODLab® for Frying Oil
CDR FOODLab® for Nuts
CDR FOODLab® for Bakery

Technical Documents

Campden BRI – Assessment of the CDR FOODLab for Fats and Oils
Application Note 096-FD Oxidation Oils by p-Anisidine Value
Application Note 089-FD Tests on Frying Oil
Application Note 092-FD Free Fatty Acids in Biofuels
Application Note 099-FD Rancidity of Nuts
Application Note 100-FD Fish Oil Testing


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