Same-Shift Microbiology Results

MicroSnap Total

Same-Shift Microbiology Results For Product and Environmental Swabs

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MicroSnap Total is for the enumeration of metabolically viable bacteria from foods, liquids and surfaces. Same shift results empowers you to take corrective action faster or release product faster. 

  • Results in 7 hours or less
  • Broad CFU detection range (100-10000cfu) means fewer dilutions and less sample prep saving time and money
  • Pass / fail results at required detection levels are easy to understand
  • Quantitative results (cfu)
  • Uses common microbiology sample preparation for product samples
  • Equivalent results to other culturing methods
  • In-house testing reduces costs from outside lab fees
  • SureTrend software tracks and trends results over time for easy data analysis
  • AOAC-RI PTM validated (#031501)
  • 12 month shelf life at 2-8°C from date of manufacture


MicroSnap Total consists of an enrichment device containing proprietary growth media and a detection device containing bioluminogenic reagents in which biomarkers produced by bacteria are measured using a small portable luminimeter. 

The two-step procedure requires a short incubation period facilitating growth of bacteria followed by a detection step. During incubation an enrichment media, bacteria numbers increase, and sample interference is reduced. As bacteria grow, they use up available food resources in media and generate biomarkers. The greater the number of bacteria in the sample, the higher the biomarker. The greater the number of bacteria in the sample, the higher the biomarker concentration, and the more light output. Hygiena's EnSURE Touch luminometer is used to read the amount of light emitted. The results are stored and tracked with Hygiena's complimentary SureTrend Software for further analysis and trending. 


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Ordering Details: - 

Product Code: HG-MS1-Total          MicroSnap Total Enrichment Swabs          Pack of 100

Product Code: HG-MS2-Total          MicroSnap Total Detection Device            Pack of 100


To run this test you will also require: -

EnSURE Touch Luminometer

Dry Block Incubator










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