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Hygiena luminometers run a self calibration check at start up. However, when additional verification is required, the CalCheck confirms the luminometer is within specifications and operating correctly. The CalCheck is a reusable LED device for quick and reliable luminometer calibration verification – in less than one minute! In-house calibration checks confirm systems are working properly and demonstrate due diligence that the monitoring program is in control. 

  • Compatible with EnSURE Touch, EnSURE or SystemSURE Plus Luminometers
  • Verify instrument calibration in-house
  • Demonstrates due diligence
  • Reusable for the life of the product
  • Replaceable CR1025 battery 


When powered on by pressing the button on CalCheck's cap, the device emits a 3-second green LED light output. In the off state, CalCheck can be used as a negative control to alert users to background instrument light leakage or rare sensor calibration errors. It is recommended to verify calibration with calibration control kit each week or every other week depending on use and quality control program requirements. The incorporation of the calibration kit into the quality control program will validate that the luminometer is within specifications and operating correctly.  

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