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Rapid Coliform Plate

Petrifilm Rapid Coliform

Presumptive Results In 14 Hours

138oz standup bag

138oz WhirlPak Stand Up

4080mL Standalone With ID Strip

18oz WhirlPak Stand Up Bag

18oz WhirlPak Stand Up

532mL Standalone Bag With ID Strip

18oz WhirlPak Write-On Bag

18oz WhirlPak Write-On

532mL Capacity With Write-On Strip

24oz Stand Up Bags

24oz WhirlPak Stand Up

710mL Standalone Bag With ID Strip

24oz Write On Bag

24oz WhirlPak Write-On

710mL Bag With ID Strip


3M™ ATTEST Incubator

Pre-Set Incubation Conditions

3M1261 and 3M1262

3M™ Attest™ Indicator

Sealed Spore Strips

3m Comply Tape

3M™ Autoclave Tape

Indicator Of Steam Sterilisation


3M™ Comply Thermalog

Indicator Of Sterilisation Conditions

42oz WhirlPak Bags

42oz WhirlPak Bags

1242mL Twirl-Top Bag


5 in 1 Water Test

Semi Quantitative Water Test Strips

55oz WhirlPak Write-On Bags

55oz WhirlPak Write-On

1627ml Bag With ID Strip

69oz WhirlPak Bags

69oz WhirlPak Bags

2041mL Twirl-Top Bag

WP69oz filter bag

69oz WhirlPak Filter Bags

2041mL Filter Bag

Plain whirl pak bag

7oz WhirlPak Bags

207mL Twirl-Tie Bag

92oz WhirlPak Write On Bag

92oz WhirlPak Write-On

2721mL Bag With ID Strip


Acid Fast Control Slides

These Unique Acid Fast Control Slides


Acid Fast Stain Kit

Kinyoun Modified Staining Technique,


Acrifluor Acid Fast Stain

This New Fluorescent Technique For


Adhesive Slides

Poly-L-lysine Or Silane Coated Slides


AFB Smear Fix

Hardy Diagnostics AFB Smear Fix Is


AFB Stain/ Kinyoun Stain

For The Staining Of Mycobacteria

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