Compact Dry is a ready-to-use test method which helps to reduce the time needed to perform microbial testing. Therefore, it allows maximum productivity by increasing efficiency. The plates can be used to test raw materials as well as finished products like food, beverage, meat, cosmetic or other samples. The Compact Dry plates can also be used as a contact plate for difficult areas using the Compact Dry swab.

  • Room temperature storage
  • Sample is self diffusible, not need for the spreader plate
  • Easier and faster to use than any other method.
  • No height limits when stacking for incubation.
  • Easy to subculture suspect colonies
  • Rapid results
  • Long shelf life
  • No special diluents needed
  • Allows culturing of filter membranes

Compact Dry is an easy-to-read results test method. Place 1ml of sample onto the plate, the liquid samples will self diffuse evenly over the whole plate. Incubate the plates at the temperature specified in the package inserts. The grown colonies are pigmented with different colours, developed by chromogenic substrates and redox indicators. The type of bacteria is identified by its colour. For further investigation bacteria can be easily selected.

Compact Dry is also an easy-to-store test method. The plates can be kept at room temperature for up to two years and can be used over an incubation temperature range of 20 – 42°C.

Compact Dry is a very safe and convenient product. Its rigid structure allows for easy transportation and an unlimited number of units can be stacked safely in an incubator. The risk of contamination of the medium is eliminated by using the covering lid.

Additionally membrane filters can be tested using Compact Dry plates. Filter 1ml water or any other liquid using an ordinary membrane filter (e.g 47 mm, 45 µm), then pipette 1 ml of sterile water into the middle of the Compact Dry plate and place the filter on the Compact Dry plate. The filter should be trap side up. Colonies will grow on the filter.

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Microbial Counting


Compact Dry CF

Dry Film Coliform Enumeration Media


Compact Dry EC for E. col

Compact Dry EC Is A Simple To Use


Compact Dry ETB for Enter

Compact Dry ETB Is A Ready To Use,


Compact Dry ETC for Enter

A Simple Detection System For The


Compact Dry LS- Listeria

Dry Film Media For Listeria


Compact Dry SL for Salmon

Compact Dry SL Is An Easy To Use System


Compact Dry TC for Total

Compact Dry TC Is A Medium For Total


Compact Dry TCC for neutr

Compact Dry TCC Is A Simple To Use


Compact Dry VP for Vibrio

Compact Dry VP Is An Easy To Use


Compact Dry X-BC

Chromogenic Media For Bacillus Cereus


Compact Dry X-SA for Stap

Compact Dry X-SA Is A Ready To Use,


Compact Dry YM for Yeast

Compact Dry YM Is A Simple To Use

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