Microgen GN-ID A Kit

ID of Enterobacteriaceae & Oxidase Pos Bacilli

An ID System for Enterobacteriaceae and Oxidase Positive Bacilli

 Microgen GNA identifies 40 most common gram negative Enterobacteriaceae

  • Microgen GNA+B identifies 140 species including oxidase positive including Pseudomonas, Vibrio and Aeromonas groups.
  • Superior VP, Lysine and H2S colour reactions
  • Results in 18-24 hours for Enterobacteriaceae
  • Results in 48 hours for oxidase positive organisms.
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Microgen-ID System Software
    • Free updates, updated annually
    • Non web based database
    • Expert System error correction
    • Reports Probability, % Probability and LIKELYHOOD.
    • Referenced identification comments
    • Exportable results


The Microgen  GNA-ID System is for the identification of the commonly encountered Enterobacterceae from food or medical samples including urinary samples and common wound isolates. For wider clinical applications and for veterinary and industrial samples, all currently recognised species of Enterobacterceae and an extensive range of oxidase-positive Gram Negative Bacilli can be identified using the combination of Microgen® GN A + GN B identification systems.

The Microgen GNA-ID comprises of only 12 substrates which are specifically selected to optimise the identification of the most commonly encountered oxidase negative Bacilli including the family Enterobacteriaceae and Acinetobacter spp. Other systems use 20 to 30 substrates to achieve the same levels of identification making the Microgen® GNA-ID a faster and clearer system.

As with all Microgen Bioproducts biochemical ID systems, Microgen GNA + B-ID systems are supported by the simplest-to-use and most feature-packed Computer Identification System Software (MID60) available, delivering the most comprehensive and up-to-date databases which registered users can update free-of-charge.

All of the currently recognised species of Enterobacteriaceae and an extensive range of Oxidase Positive Gram Negative Bacilli can be identified using the combination of the Microgen® GNA + GNB identification panels i.e. 24 substrates.

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