HardyCHROM BluEcoli

Screening urine specimens for E. coli.

Rapid E. coli Chromogenic Detection Media

A revolutiuonary agar plate for screening urine specimens for E. coli. The blue colour is confirmatory and no further confirmation or indole testing is required. Innoculate both sides of this biplate with the urine specimen. If the infecting organism is E. coli, the colonies of the chromagenic side of the biplate will turn blue. Since 85% of all positive urine cultures are E. coli, the BluEcoli biplate is a fast easy and cost effective way of identifying the majority of your urine culture workload

  • Save time and money by not using an expensive ID system
  • Allows you to select a colony from the blood agar side for susceptibility testing
Cat No. HDJ123 - 10 plates


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