Swab & Neutralising Diluent System

 Self Contained Environmental Swab System

The Hardy Diagnostics EnviroTrans is a ready-to-use tube pre-filled with Neutralizing buffer, Letheen broth, 0.85% Saline, DE Neutralizing broth or Neutralizing saline. A dacron swab is affixed to a screw cap for easy handling. The entire unit is terminally sterilized. EnviroTrans is excellant for detection or enumuration of microorganisms from enviromental surfaces or equipment.

Collect and transport your environmental sample with efficiency and ease. Simply remove the cap, which is attached to the swab, collect your sample by swabbing the surface, recap and send to the lab. 

Product Specifications

Tip Material: Dacron swab

Pack Size: 20

Product code:

  • HDSRK15: Nuetralizing buffer
  • HDSRK25: Letheen broth
  • HDSRK35: 0.85% Saline 
  • HDSRK05: 0.85% Saline, 5 ml
  • HDSRK45: DE Neutralizing broth
  • HDSRK55: Neutralizing Saline



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