GlutenTox Reader

Strip Reader for Gluten Quantification

For the Quantification of Gluten from GlutenTox Strip Plus Tests

The GlutenTox Reader is designed to scan the GlutenTox sticks giving an accurate quantitative result of the amount of gluten present in your sample. The reader is easy to use and portable and it is a combination of an optic detector, an integrated electronic system and and effective system for data processing. 

GlutenTox Reader advantages 

  • Semi-automated quantitative reading of GlutenTox sticks
  • A precise PPM count in seconds
  • Results stored on the reader
  • Easy to transfer data to a PC


The reader also comes with software that once installed on your PC will allow full track and trace abilities since when the GlutenTox stick is read other data such as date, time, product lot, operator ID are also saved.


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