Infectious Mononucleosis Kit

Detection of Heterophile Antibodies

For the Detection of Heterophile Antibodies

The Microgen I.M. Kit is intended for in vitro detection of heterophile antibodies associated with infectious mononucleosis in human serum or plasma samples. The product is intended for professional use only. 

The test is based upon the differential absorption test developed by Davidsohn in which horse erythrocytes are agglutinated by heterophile antibodies2 associated with infectious mononucleosis.Heterophile antibodies to Forssman antigens, which can cause false positive reactions, are absorbed by guinea pig kidney antigen but not by bovine red cell antigen whereas heterophile antibodies to I.M. are absorbed by bovine red cells but not by guinea pig kidney antigen. Two samples of the patient’s serum or plasma are absorbed with either guinea pig kidney antigen or ox cell antigen on a test slide.

Horse red cells are then added and the mixture examined for agglutination. Agglutination in the presence of guinea pig antigen but not with ox cell antigen is indicative of the presence of heterophile antibodies associated with I.M. Other patterns of agglutination are indicative of non-specific reactions and are regarded as negative for I.M.


Code    MGM121
Size     40 Tests

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