S Test

Detection of Haemoglobin S in Blood

For The Detection Of Haemoglobin S In Blood Samples

Microgen Bioproducts S-Test Kit is intended for in vitro screening of human blood samples to detect the presence of haemoglobin S which is associated with sickle cell trait.

Results available in 5 minutes
·         Simple to perform
·         Method to differentiate heterozygous and homozygous
·         Positive and Negative controls now available
·         Controls can be frozen for up to 3 years  

Microgen S-Test is based upon the relative insolubility of Haemoglobin Hb-S in a buffer containing a reducing agent. The kit contains two reagents, a dry powder and a buffer solution which are mixed together prior to use. The blood sample is added to the reconstituted solution, mixed and allowed to stand. The reagent mixture lyses the red blood sample and separates the haemoglobin chains. Haemoglobin S is not soluble in the reagent whereas normal haemoglobin (Hb-A) will dissolve. The presence of Hb-S in the blood sample is determined by assessing the turbidity of the resultant solution. A variation of the method involving centrifugation of the sample and reagent mixture can be used to distinguish between homozygous and heterozygous sickle cell traits, and to aid the interpretation of equivocal results.

Code    MGM96-50
Size     50 Tests


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