Permanent mounting and stain for mycology


Hardy Diagnostics BlueMount™ is recommended for the permanent mounting and staining of yeasts and moulds.SUMMARYHardy Diagnostics BlueMount™ is a formulation of lactophenol cotton blue with polyvinyl alcohol and is recommended for preparing permanent, long-lasting mounts of fungal wet preparations or slide cultures. BlueMount™ may be used as a replacement for lactophenol cotton blue. BlueMount™ consists of lactic acid, phenol, cotton blue, and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). Lactic acid serves as a clearing agent and also helps preserve fungal structures. Phenol acts as a killing agent. Cotton blue is an acid dye that stains the chitin present in the cell walls of fungi. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) acts as a fixative, thus allowing the mount to be saved for years. Once completely dry, the permanent mounts will not dissolve in ether, xylene, or alcohols. 


Specimen Collection: This product is intended to be used primarily with pure cultures, although certain specimens may be examined directly using this stain. Consult appropriate references for further information concerning the use of this product with specimens.Method of Use: Place one drop of BlueMount™ in the center of a clean slide. Remove a fragment of the fungus colony 2-3 mm from the colony edge using an inoculating or teasing needle. Place the fragment in the drop of stain and tease gently. Apply a cover slip. Do not push down or tap the cover slip as this may dislodge the conidia from the conidiophores. Take care to prevent coverslip runover or from dropping the stain on the bench top (once the solution dries, it is difficult to remove). Spills may be cleaned with water before it dries. The preparation can be examined immediately under low and high-dry magnification for the presence of characteristic mycelia and fruiting structures. Once the slide has dried on a flat surface for a period of two to four days, it can be examined under oil immersion, cleansed in xylene, or decontaminated by dipping in disinfectant.


Consult appropriate references for diagnostic features of fungi isolated in clinical and non-clinical specimens.


BlueMount™ is useful in the recognition and presumptive identification of fungi. Additional characteristics including colony morphology and biochemical tests should be used where appropriate for definitive identification. For further information, consult the appropriate references.  

Cat. no. HDZ137

Size: 15mL


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