Faecal Concentrators

Cost-effective Faecal Concentrator Kits

Cost Effective Faecal Concentrator Kit

These cost-effective disposable Faecal Concentrator Kits contain all the items needed for concentration of faeces for ova and parasites. The STANDARD FAECAL CONCENTRATOR KIT contains 50 each of standardized fine mesh filter funnels, 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes, tube caps, one 15ml bottle of Mucolytic Digesting Fluid and Parawash (250ml). Standard kits are available without Parawash for use with our Parasafe fixative. The CLOSED CONCENTRATION SYSTEM allows for increased safety with a minimum of handling and odor. The 0.6mm holes in the filter allows the parasites to pass through, but block larger faecal material. Available in 15ml tubes or 50ml (holds 30ml) tubes. Each package includes a preassembled tube-strainer unit, Fecal Mucolytic reagent, dispensing spoons (for 15ml tubes),  processing trays, and applicator sticks. Ideal for use with SDL’s environmentally-safe, formalin-free fixative Parasafe. 

Fecal Concentrators

Cat No. SD641 Standard Fecal Concentrator Kit 50 funnels & tubes/box

Cat No. SD642 Fine Mesh Filter Funnels 250 units/box

Cat No. SD643 Centrifuge Tubes & Caps 250 units/box

Cat No. SD644 Mucolytic Digesting Agent 15ml bottle

Cat No. SD6052 Closed Fecal Parasite Concentrators - 15ml 100/box

Cat No. SD6056 Closed Fecal Parasite Concentrators - 50ml 120/box



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