Autoclave Bags

Self-seal autoclave pouches

Pre-folded, self-seal pouches are ideal to sterilize forceps or other instruments used around the workplace. Sterility has been shown to be effective for up to one year. No autoclave tape or spore strips are necessary with these bags. They seal neatly and quickly. It is easy to verify proper sterilization. A special indicator strip turns brown/black in steam and gold/green in ETO. Quantity 100 per box.

Autoclave Bags

Cat No. SD3025 3.5" x 5.25" Autoclave Bags 100/box

Cat No. SD3026 3.25" x 9" Autoclave Bags 100/box

Cat No. SD3028 5.25" x 10.25" Autoclave Bags 100/box

Cat No. SD3029 7.5" x 13.5"Autoclave Bags 100/box

Cat No. SD3030 12" x 15.5"Autoclave Bags 100/box




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