ZymoSnap Positive Controls

350 mU/L Alkaline Phosphatase Standard

Hygiena's ALP Positive Control Kit includes 5 vials of freeze-dried 350 mU/L Alkaline Phosphatase. Kits are used to establish luminometer Pass/Fail scores, and for ongoing quality control testing.

  • Validates results of ZymoSnap ALP devices
  • Used to determine Pass/Fail RLU limits on Hygiena luminometers
  • 350 mU/L is regulatory limit of alkaline phosphatase for pasteurized milk
  • 5 sealed glass vials
  • Vials contain 350 mU/L freeze-dried ALP
  • Positive Control vials must be refrigerated at 2 – 8 oC  (26 – 46 oF)Shelf life: 12 months


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