Quality Control of Petrifilm

micrÓgel™ CRM’s for Petrifilm®

Quality Control Has Never Been Easier

Method validation and verification of Petrifilm® has never been so easy with the use of the new micrógel™ CRM's. As the CRM's were designed and certified specifically for the Petrifilm® plates, the resulting counts from the micrógel™ discs are always within the countable range of the test method.

Easy to use

  • No pre-incubation required
  • Homogenous
  • Stable for up to 18 months (varies between products)
  • Reproducible to <5% RSD
  • Manufactured from pure cultures under an ISO Guide 34-accredited QA system.
  • Certified in an ISO 170225 accredited laboratory
  • All micrógel™ products are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis


Products Available: -

  • Total Aerobic Count
  • Aerobic Lactic Acid
  • Coliform
  • Coliform / E. coli
  • Total Enterobacteriaceae
  • Staph Express
  • Rapid Yeast
  • Rapid Mould
  • Environmental Listeria
  • Environmental Salmonella


Ordering Details

  • Total Aerobic Count
    Stock Code: FM-707-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-707-20 20 Pack
  • Aerobic Lactic Acid
    Stock Code: FM-708-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-708-20 20 Pack
  • Coliform Count
    Stock Code: FM-709-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-709-20 20 Pack
  • Coliform / E. coli Count
    Stock Code: FM-710-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-710-20 20 Pack
  • Total Enterobacteriaceae
    Stock Code: FM-711-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-711-20 20 Pack
  • Staph Express
    Stock Code: FM-712-5 5 Pack
    Product Code: FM-712-20 20 Pack
  • Rapid Yeast
    Stock Code: FM-713-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-713-20 20 Pack
  • Rapid Mould
    Stock Code: FM-714-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-714-20 20 Pack
  • Microbe Cocktail CRM with Mould – Low Range
    Stock Code: FM-701-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-701-20 20 Pack
  • Microbe Cocktail CRM with Yeast / Mould – Low Range
    Stock Code: FM-733-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-733-20 20 Pack
  • Microbe Cocktail CRM with Yeast – Low Range
    Stock Code: FM-700-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-700-20 20 Pack
  • Environmental Listeria
    Stock Code: FM-735-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-735-20 20 Pack
  • Environmental Salmonella
    Stock Code: FM-736-5 5 Pack
    Stock Code: FM-736-20 20 Pack


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