Pre-moistened Environmental Sponge Swab
EnviroMax Plus



Designed to maximise microbial recovery from floor drains, walls and large machinary surfaces, the EnviroMax Plus sponge is the ideal tool for your environmental microbiological testing needs. 

Sample small crevices or large areas with ease thanks to the paddle designed foam tip which is also pre-moistened with neutralising buffer to help maximise microbial recovery. The orange cap of the tube doubles as a handle to the swab, allowing you to easily apply pressure and manipulate the swab during the swabbing procedure. 

  • Pre-moistened swab tip with a sanitiser neutralising buffer
  • Oversized sponge tip for maximum collection
  • Pointed sponge tip to get into corners
  • Quick-turn-open leak resistant cap
  • Ideal for in-tube primary pathogen enrichment
  • Tip Width / Length - 15.5mm / 56mm
  • Total Swab Length - 150mm
  • 12 month shelf life from date of manufacture

Perfect for Listeria or Salmonella environmental testing, the primary enrichment broth can be added directly to the swab tube for enrichment. The white sponge also facilitates the detection of any diagnostic colour change in the enrichment broth. 

Video Demonstrations: -

How to collect an environmental surface sample from a drain 

How to collect samples from meat


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Product Code: PP25-88050PF50          Pack of 25

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