Merret Tubes

Quick Reticulocyte Stain System

Quick and Convenient Reticulocyte Staining System

For the determination of reticulocyte count in peripheral blood a fundamental element of a laboratory investigation for anaemias and is one of the most reliable indices of red cell production.

Merret Tubes simplify the staining process by eliminating:

  • The separate addition of stain
  • The possibility of over staining
  • The risk of stain contamination
  • The need for refrigeration Merret tubes are instantly available therefore saving time, effort and money. 

Reticulocytes are juvenile red blood cells and contain remnants of ribosomes and ribonucleic acids which were present in larger amounts in the cytoplasm of the nucleated precursors from which they were derived. Ribosomes have the property of reacting with Brilliant Cresyl Blue to form a blue precipitate. The most immature reticulocytes are those with the largest amount of precipitable ribosomal material. The inner base of each Merret Tube is coated with a standardised preparation of Brilliant Cresyl Blue which reacts with the reticulocytes in sequestrenated blood after incubation at 37° C for 10 minutes, thus staining the reticulocytes ready for microscopic examinaton. The staining procedure is based upon the method of Conn (1940) essentially as originally described by Robertson (1917), who described the staining of reticulocytes using Brilliant Cresyl Blue. The reticulum is stained blue and the rest of the corpuscle is unstained.

Code    MGM94
Size     96 Tests 

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