AgraQuant® Pistachio


The AgraQuant® Pistachio allergen test kit is an ELISA based system for the quantitation of Pistachio residue in foods, rinse waters and environmental swabs.


The Pistachio tree (Pistachio vera) is a member of the Anacardiaceae family and and the nuts it produces is an important food allergen. Exposure to Pistachio nuts can cause reactions in some people, the symptoms include skin irritation through to anaphylaxis. People who are allergic to Pistachio nuts must follow an exlusion diet. It is therefore imperative that food manufacturers and laboratories use reliable methods for the quanitation of this residue in food products, rinse waters and environmental swabs.

The AgraQuant® Pistachio kit is a sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative testing of pistachio by food laboratories. The kit is supplied with standards, antibody coated microwells, extraction buffer, wash buffer, conjugate, substrate and stop solution.

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  • 48 wells
  • Limit of Detection (LOD): 0.13ppm Pistachio
  • Limit of Quantitation (LOQ): 1.0ppm Pistachio
  • Range of Quantitation: 1 - 40ppm
  • Cross reactivity to:
    • Cashew 12%
    • Hazlenut 0.17%
    • Pecan 0.0005%
    • Sunflower Seed 0.0002%
    • Walnut 0.0008%
  • No cross reactivity to: Almond, Apricot, Barley, Bean, Beef, Bovine Gelatin, Brazil Nut, Carob Gum, Carrot, Celery, Cherry, Chestnut, Coconut, Cod, Corn, Cow's milk, Egg, Guar gum, Kiwi, Lentil, Lupin, Macadamia, Mustard, Oats, Plum, Poppy Seed, Pork Meat, Potato, Pumpkin Seed, Rice, Rye, Saccharose, Sesame, Shrimp, Soy, Soy Lecithin.


  • Highly sensitive - low detection limit
  • Rapid - 60 minutes total incubation time
  • Stable - 12 months shelf life
  • User friendly - ready to use reagents and simple handling procedure, common for all AgraQuant® Allergen test kits.
  • Cost effective - breakaway microwell format; minimizes waste and maximises value

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