Simple, fast accurate chemical analysis of Beer, Wort and Water

CDR BEERLab® & BEERLab® Junior

Simple, fast accurate chemical analysis of Beer, Wort and Water 

Perform quality control tests at each stage of the brewing process using the CDR BEERLab® or BEERLab® Junior. The system can be used to test a wide panel of tests for water, beer and wort with results comparable to traditional methods available within minutes. All reagents are supplied in a ready to use format, eliminating the handling of toxic compounds and washing of laboratory glassware.

Minimal sample preparation, ready-to-use vials and the compact design of the BEERLab® means it can be used anywhere in the production area or in the laboratory. Following the step-by-step instructions on the easy to read LCD screen, both models will automatically calculate and display the result in the correct unit of measure. Featuring the Multi-Tasking Mode, the BEERLab® model can run several analyses simultaneously on the same sample or run the same test on 16 different samples. A printer is built-in to the BEERLab® allowing all results to be printed for filling or sharing with colleagues. Results can also be printed when using the BEERLab® Junior thanks to the wireless link to an external printer. For complete portability, BEERLab® Junior is available with lithium batteries, enabling analysis anywhere in the brewery.

  • Rapid, accurate results which correlate to traditional methods
  • Minimal (if any) sample preparation
  • Reduce hazardous – staff no longer handle toxic solvents
  • Touchscreen with step by step – instructions – user friendly
  • Multi-Tasking Mode with BEERLab® – allows multiple sample analysis
  • Reagent vials have a long shelf life

Chemical Tests Currently Available:







Beer: -
Acetic Acid
Fermentable sugars
Bitterness (IBU)
Lactic Acid (D + L)
Alcohol by Volume
pH Wort
Free Amino Nitrogen by OPA (FAN)
Total Sulfur Dioxide SO₂
Vicinal diketones (VDKs)


Water: -


Configuration with tailored panel of analyses

 Simultaneous Analysis  16  3
 Multi-Task Mode(possibility to perform more analyses on the same sample  Yes  No
 Incubation Module  37°C block with 16 positions  37°C block with 3 positions
 Internal memory to store analysis  Yes  Yes
 Touchscreen Display  Yes  Yes
 Printer  Yes  No
 USB host port to connect USB Memories  Yes  No
 USB port to connect to a computer  Yes  Yes
 Wireless Link for external printer  No  Yes
 Lithium Ion Battery  No  Yes

Video Demonstration


Technical Documents:

Assessment of the CDR BEERLab Touch Analyser

CDR BEERLab® method for the determination of total SO₂ in beer

CDR CNR – IBIMET for the research in innovation in brewing process

Case Study: BAD Co Brewery Case Study BEERLab - BAD Co Brewery


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