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The CDR KombuchaLab® is a real-time in-house chemistry analysis system capable of analysing Kombucha throughout the production process and can be used from fermentation to bottling of the finished product.

The CDR KombuchaLab® Analysis System uses single use reagent cuvettes that eliminates reagent preparation allowing even inexperience staff to product laboratory quality results. All reagents are supplied in ready-to-use vials, eliminating the handling of toxic compounds and washing of laboratory glassware.

Featuring the Multi-Tasking Mode, the KombuchaLab® model can run several analyses simultaneously on the same sample or run the same test on 16 different samples in just 10 minutes. A printer is built-in to the KombuchaLab® allowing all results to be printed for filing or sharing with colleagues. Results can also be printed when using the KombuchaLab® Junior thanks to the wireless link to an external printer. For complete portability, KombuchaLab® Junior is available with lithium batteries, enabling analysis anywhere in the brewery.

There are two systems : CDR KOMBUCHALab and CDR KOMBUCHALab Jr.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Rapid, accurate results which correlate to official methods
  • Multitasking allow up to 16 tests to be run simultaneously
  • Easy-to-use step by step onscreen instructions
  • Single use reagent cuvettes – avoid reagent preparation
  • Low alcohol content determination with precision
  • 3-year warranty

Analytical Tests for Kombucha include:

  • Alcohol by Volume
  • Acetic Acid
  • Fermentable Sugars
  • Gluconic Acid
  • Total Lactic Acid
  • Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN)
  • Glycerol
  • Total Polyphenols

 To view a short video showing the simplicity of the KombuchaLab®, please click here.

KOMBUCHALab Brochure 


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