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MEDIAWEL offers laboratories a cost efficient and reliable means to manufacture media in-house. Simply add dehydrated media, the appropriate volume of water to the chamber and let the MEDIAWEL take care of the rest. Continuous stirring at the correct speed for the viscosity of the media produces a more homogenous product, and for agar avoids the production of bubbles. Due to less handling of the media and the up / downhill filtration there is less likelihood of media contamination. The optional eTrace allows for full traceability of each media batch, complying with regulatory requirements.

  • Simple media preparation – add dehydrated media & water to MEDIAWEL
  • Large Media Preparation Capacity – 2.5L to 30L
  • 50 Editable Programs – save time for common protocols
  • Contamination prevention – uphill and downhill filtration
  • Adjustable stirring speeds – to suit a range of viscous media preparations to avoid bubbles
  • Temperature monitoring – at 3 points
  • Large LCD Touch Screen – easy operation
  • Alarms – audible and visual
  • Easy to clean – trapdoor located at the bottom of the unit
  • Portable – four wheels ensure stability and portability
  • eTrace – WIFI recording system

Specifications: - 

Media Preparation Capacity 2.5L to 30L
Sterilisation Temperature 95°C to 125°C
Sterilisation Time 1 to 99 minutes
Distribution Temperature 30°C to 80°C
Temperature Precision +1°C
Remaining volume <130mL
Addition Cap Yes – for the addition of blood or antibiotic supplements
Traceability (optional) ETRACE (4 USB / 1 Ethernet / WIFI)
Temperature Probes 2 x PT100 probes
Pressure Monitoring 2 Monitors
Safety Pressure Release Safety Valve
Dispensing Port Adapters for 12mm & 6.4mm dispensing tube
Continuous homogenisation Large smooth stirrer (1807cm²) for higher homogeneity. Slow stirring (9 adjustable) to avoid bubbles
Display 7” touch screen
Alarms Visual & Audible
High Mobility / Stability 4 Medical Wheels
Stored Programs 50
Traceability CSV File through USB



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