Lateral Filter Bag


Particle free pipetting providing accurate results

Prevent clogging pipettes and particle free plates for easier reading using the BagFilter. The sterile BagFilter was designed with a side filter, which is ideal when testing fibrous material such as meats, fruit, vegetables, pill, powder, soil and tissue.

During the homogenisation step, diluent flows through the filter along with any chemicals or microorganisms, leaving the particles behind. Simply pipette from within the filter section for a particle free suspension.

Lateral Filter

  • Ideal for pipetting
  • Ideal for homogenising fibrous samples
  • Multilayer® reinforced multicoated complex
  • Side non-woven filter
  • Rigid and transparent

Instant Filtration

  • Filtration during homogenisation
  • No need to wait for debris sedimentation
  • Particle free solution
  • Easy counting of colonies on Compact Dry, Medi-Ca or other plates due to absence of particles

No Cross-Contamination

  • Sterile Bags
  • Sample Bag is used to homogenise, filter and pipette
  • No contact between the sample & the blender during homogenisation
  • Can be closed with a BagClip® or heat sealed.

Specifications: -

  • Porosity of the filter is <250microns
  • Nominal Volume: 400mL
  • Dimensions: 190 x 300mm

Video Demonstration


Ordering Details: -

 Stock Code  Product Description  Quantity
 IS111425  BagFilter® 400P, to pipette  500


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