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SuperSnap Swab Horiz

SuperSnap™ is a self-contained, highly sensitive ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) test device for use with Hygiena Luminometers. The system is used for hygiene monitoring, HACCP-related monitoring of processing equipment, cleaning validation and other environmental  monitoring such as allergen prevention programs. SuperSnap™ is designed to detect very low levels of organic residue with tolerance to harsh samples that could affect the bioluminescence reaction. As an allergen tool, SuperSnap™ can be used to verify efficacy of cleaning procedures for removal of protein residues which may contain potential allergenic material. SuperSnap's enhanced sensitivity allows detection of product residue down to 1-1000ppm depending on product matrices; this is comparable or better than detection capabilites of specific allergen test methods. 

Resisitant to concentrated sanitisers and harsh environments, SuperSnap™ is Hygiena's highest-powered ATP test device. With fourtimes the sensitivity than Hygiena's basic ATP test, UltraSnap™, SuperSnap™ raises the standard for ATP detection. 

  • Results in 15 seconds
  • Superior resistance to sanitiser effect
  • 4 times more sensitive than UltraSnap
  • More resistant to challenging product residues and production environment at extreme pH's
  • Pre-wetted swab helps to break through biofilm
  • The increased sensitivity at the low end makes it better for cross-correlation between low allergens and low RLU's
  • Shifting the focus in food allergen avoidance toward prevention and pre-production verification
  • Recycle #7
  • Patented device design ensures maximum sample collection and recovery




Specifications: -

  • Detects down to 0.1 femtomoles of ATP when used with EnSURE
  • High Sensitivity: 4 times more sensitive than UltraSnap
  • Write on label for easy sample ID
  • 100% recyclable plastics - low carbon footprint


Shelf Life: -

  • 15 months at refrigerated temperatures (2-8°C)
  • 4 weeks at room temperature (21-25°C)


Compatible Luminometers: -


Video Demonstrations: -

SuperSnap High Sensitivity ATP Test

Setting ATP Pass and Fail Limits for Food and Beverage Industries

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