Ozone(O3)is nature's triatomic solution for safer, more effective sanitation. Ozone is a colorless to light blue gas with a sweet odor. Ozone has been used for disinfection since 1905.

  • The compound lasts for approximately 30 minutes at ground level before reverting back to a stable form as oxygen (O2). Today ozone is used throughout many industries (by companies such as Coca-Cola and Intel) for its powerful disinfection and sanitation properties and for oxidation of pesticides, viruses, fungal spores, bacteria, microorganisms, and harmful chemicals. The compound is considered to be significantly safer than chemical treatment since the only byproduct is Oxygen.Ozone is a very powerful oxidant and hence a very potent disinfectant.
  • It is over 3000 times more powerful than chlorine in its disinfectant property and over 50 times more powerful in its oxidative property.
  • It kills viruses, bacteria and other toxins; decomposes detergents and pesticides residues on fruits and vegetables and removes all color, odor and taste from water.
  • While undergoing reaction, ozone reverts to oxygen, which makes it the most environmentally friendly disinfection methods available.
  • Ozone is completely safe, in over 100 years of use, there has been never been a fatal accident.
  • In 2001, the FDA approved the use of ozone treatment on food products because of the advancements in ozone generator technology and growing concerns over the safety of chemical disinfectants.

About Ozonated Water:
The use of ozone dissolved in water for applications such as sanitizing food, drinking water purification, surfaces disinfection provides numerous cost, environmental and liability advantages. Ozonated water removes pesticide and other harmful chemical residues from water, fruits and vegetables. In addition, it removes odors and tastes. Even at low concentrations, ozonated water eliminates most viruses, bacteria, parasites, mold, and other microorganisms. After disinfection, ozone leaves nothing but oxygen, which makes it much safer and environmentally friendly versus traditional chemical treatments. Another major advantage of ozonated water is that it is now cost effective to produce.

Ozone Benefits:

  • Powerful oxidant and disinfectant
  • Natural compound
  • Few undesirable byproducts
  • Broad application potental
  • Safe for direct contact with foods
  • Regulatory aceptance
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