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GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader


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GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader provides both a qualitative and quantitative results for gluten in just half an hour from sample inoculation. It is a new immunochromatographic test that allows the detection and quantification of gluten content in a all kinds of foods (from raw materials to processed foods and / or heat processed food), beverages and other consumer products. It can detect toxic fractions of the prolamins of wheat, rye, barley and some varieties of immunogenic oats that can trigger the immune response in coeliac patients.

  • Detection limit of kit: 1ppm
  • Quantitation range of reader: 1 to 40ppm
  • Quantitation offers an objective & exact concentration gluten result
  • Qualitative results available within 15 minutes after sample inoculation
  • Specific to the toxic fraction of gluten
  • Suitable for hydrolysed foods
  • Easy to use kit and reader

For all matrices being tested the gluten must be extracted from the samples for analysis, and is therefore one of the most critical points of the testing process. The GlutenTox Stick Plus kit includes the Universal Gluten Extraction Solution (UGES) which is suited to all types of food samples thanks to the combination of denaturing agents, reducing agents and solubilisers. For samples containing polyphenols, tannins or antioxidants a special additive must be added to the extraction process. This additive acts as a chelating agent of proteins, preventing the interference of the compounds in the extraction process. Food rich in polyphenols or tannins include chocolate, tea, coffee, wine, purple corn and corn fibre, soy, berries. The most common antioxidants in cosmetic product are Vitamins A, C and E, carotenes, carotenoids etc.

A visual qualitative result using the kit is available within 15 minutes of sample inoculation.

Cassettes Visual Results

The reader can be used to determine the exact concentration of the protein in the sample 30 minutes after the sample inoculation. GlutenTox Reader combines a highly sensitive optical detector, an integrated electronic system and an effective data processing system. The Reader is designed exclusively for gluten determination with GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader. It is CE Labelled and produced to ISO9001 and ISO 13485.


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Product Code: HG-KIT3007                               GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader 

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