Cost Saving Universal ATP Swabs

Universal ATP Swabs to Fit Most Popular Luminometers

Each version of Snapshot is designed to replicate the swab it is replacing. There is no need to change threshold settings on the luminometer being used. Snapshot test cost up to 40% less than the original equipment manufacturer test, but because they are made with a unique liquid-stable reagent and built in Hygiena's Snap Valve technology they yield more accurate and consistent results.

Snapshot™ universal ATP surface test are designed to be compatible with luminometers of most manufacturers. Each version of Snapshot is designed to replicate the ATP reaction by generating the same light output as the device it is replacing; therefore eliminating the need to change current pass/fail threshold settings on the luminometer or within an established Quality Control program.

Snapshot devices cost up to 50% less than the devices intended for the luminometer. In addition, Snapshot uses Hygiena's unique liquid-stable reagent giving it more accurate and consistent results over other ATP sample collection devices.

Versions available:

  • Biocontrol
    • BioControl Lightning & MVP™ - SBC1575

  • Biotrace
    • Uni-Lite® NG - SPXL1333
    • Uni-Lite® XCEL - SPXL1333
    • Uni-Lite® - SPXL1333
    • Uni-Lite® NG Junior - SPXL2020

  • Charm
    • NovaLum™ (Special collection swab required)
    • LUM-T™ - CH1616
    • LUMGiene™ - CH1616
    • Firefly™ - CH1616
    • LUM-K™ - CH1616

  • Merck
    • Hy-Lite™ - SHL1414

  • Celsis
    • Lumac M™ - SS1211
    • SystemSURE - SS1211

  • Kikkoman
    • Lumitester PD-10N™ - KK2020


Download Snapshot For 3M Biotrace Pack Insert

Download Snapshot For Merck HyLite Pack Insert

Download SnapShot for BioControl Brochure

Download Snapshot for Charm Brochure

Download Snapshot for Kikkoman Brochure

Download SnapShot for Merck Brochure


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