Semi Quantitative Water Test Strips

Semi-quantitative water test for total hardness, pH, nitrites, nitrates and chlorine

Test principle

Enzymatic test strips are intended for quick visual semi-quantitative determination of total hardness, pH, nitrites, nitrates and chlorine in water. One test strip is intended for testing of single water sample.

Intended use

Highly recommended to test fruits and vegetables washing water, rinse water from production of food industry, for beverages producers (beer, juices, soft drinks, wine, soups, etc.), tap water, producers and suppliers of RO (reverse osmosis) water, well / borehole water, fish farms, farms and hydroponics cultures, swimming pools, aquariums, etc.


50 strips tube

Extremely easy procedure

1. Dip the strip into the water sample. All the sensor pads should be submerged.

2. After 2–3 sec., take the strip out and remove excess of water by shaking it off or by careful touch of the strip edge to a clean filter paper (paper tissue).

3. Place the test strip onto an even clean dry surface with sensor pads up. After two minutes compare color of each sensor pad with a relevant zone on the color scale*:

Normal ranges for each parameter are determined by state or local sanitary authorities.

*The range limits shown on the color scale are for reference only.






Determination Range




Nitrates (NO3-)

10 mg/l –≥ 250 mg/l

0.5 mg/l

Nitrites (NO2-)

0.5 mg/l –≥ 10 mg/l

0.5 mg/l

Total hardness

4°d–16°d (1°d = 0.3566 mg-eq/l)

4°d (1.5 mg-equivalent/litre)

Free Chlorine

1 mg/l – 20 mg/l

1 mg/l


5–9 pH units

0.5 pH units


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