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Testo 270 - Cooking Oil Tester

Quality Assurance for Cooking Oil

270 Cooking Oil Measuring Oil

Testo 270 Oil Tester will enable you to comply with critical TPM values and to change the oil at the right time protecting the quality of your product plus saving money. 

The cooking oil tester is very simply to use and can be pre-set with the required TPM limit values which are then protected with a pin code. Thanks to the Captive Oil Sensor the Testo 270 can be used to take back to back readings in hot oil. During measurement the result will flash on the screen until a table reading is achieved. The display signalling function light colours (red, yellow and green) enables quick identification of the measurement result range.  

  • Cooking oil life is maximised without compromising quality
  • Saves money and protects your brand
  • Visual alarm - Green, Orange or Red instantly indicates if the result lies within acceptable limits
  • Captive oil sensor - enables back to back hot oil measurements
  • 2 Line Display - %TPM and Temperature
  • Rapid - result within 30 seconds
  • Programmable upper and lower threshold limits can be set
  • Accurate - calibration oil are available to esnure reliable results
  • Breakproof - sensor embedded in metal and fibreglass housing
  • HACCP International Accredited
  • Protection Class IP 65 - clean easily under the tap

Calibration oils are available to ensure the unit is working within specifications at all times. 

Specifications: -

  Total Polar Materials (%TPM) Temperature
Range 0 – 40% +40°C - +200°C
Accuracy ±2%TPM (+40 to +190) ±1.5°C
Resolution 0.5%TPM (+40 to +190) 0.1°
Protection Class IP65
Battery Button Cell LR44


Calibration Demonstration



Ordering Details: -

Stock Code Description
TO0563.2750 Testo 270 Food Oil Tester
TO0554.2650 Reference Oil for Calibration & Adjusting (1 x 100mL)
TO0516.7301 QSR Case for 270 Food Oil Tester








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