Cryptosporidium and Nocardia Control Slide

For both Cryptosporidium & Nocardia

These versatile slides can be used for both Cryptosporidium and Nocardia The slides have many typical organisms on each slide. Each package contains 10 slides, each having a positive and negative welal. For staining these slides SDL’s product AcriFluorTM or Crypto Kinyoun Standard Stain Sets performs well (Cat No. 373, contains three 60ml bottles). Each Mini-Stain Set contains two 15ml dropping bottles with Stain and Counterstain and 30ml of Decolorizer.

Modified Acid Fast Control Slides

Cat No. SD 370 Modifi ed Acid Fast Control Slides 10 slides/box

Cat No. SD 384 AcriFluor 125ml bottle

Cat No. SD 373 Cryptosporidium Kinyoun Stain Set 3 x 60ml bottles


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