Control Slide for Acid Fast Bacillus Staining

A convenient ready-to-stain control slide that will test both your stain solutions and your staining techniques. Positive and negative stain control organisms are affixed to the circles in each Q-Slide™. Up to four patient specimens (in the squares) may be processed at the same time as the QC organisms.

Q-Slide™ AFB - For your Acid Fast Bacillus Stain QC; either Kinyoun or Ziehl Neelson. Contains Mycobacterium gordonae as a positive control and a Corynebacterium spp. as a negative control.

Hardy’s new Q-Slide™ is a quick and effective way to ensure the quality of reagents used as well as the proficiency of staining technique by laboratory personnel.

Also available - Q-Slide™ Gram - For your Gram Stain QC. Contains E.coli as a gram-negative control, and a Staphylococcus aureus as a gram-positive control.


Cat. No. HDZ301

Size: 5 Slides



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