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The innovative DS2 is designed for clinical, research and industrial labs that want to enhance their processes through automation, but might not have the volume requirements to justify the investment in a larger system. The over 1000 DS2 workstations around the world are proving their worth. The DS2 eliminates variations that occur with manual processes, ensuring the rigorous, repeatable analyses required in critical applications including immunology, infectious disease, hormone, allergy, blood-chemistry, drugs-of abuse testing, food safety, forensics and environmental testing. 

The DS2 system can simultaneously process 2 x 96 microwell plates that may contain up to 12 different assays in total. This fully automated workstation performs all the steps required for an ELISA reaction (adding samples & reagents, washing, incubation and optical detection). 

The DS2 system is an open system that has been designed to perform any ELISA test. It has a small laboratory footprint with minimal moving parts and thus uses a single multi-funtion pipetting arm for fluidic steps, which ultimately minises down-time and simplifies serviceability. We will provide training on setting up your ELISA protocols, including kits that Key Diagnostics do not provide at no additional charge. 

The system offers walk-away automation by followin a 'sample in' to 'results out' workflow, thus elimination laborious manual testing whilst concomitantly reducing technician variability. These inherent features consequently free up laboratory staff to carry out more complex tasks. 

The system also has several security features, which includes an audible alarm that signals low wash buffer and full waste fluid levels as well as a pipette arm incorporating liquid level, tip detection, tip ejection, foam, bubble and clot detection sensors. The system has electronic tracking of pipetting acuracy built into DS Matrix. The assays may also be password protected to prevent system system operators making any inadvertent changes. 

  • Amazing automation and power in the smaller footprint available
  • Quickly and easily processes up to two 96- well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously
  • The most advanced and user friendly control system available designed with full walk-away capability, sample ID-bar code reading, chain of custody and instrument self-diagnostics
  • Intuitive DS-Matrix Software and precise liquid-handling capabilities



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SS-62000 DS2 Automated 2-plate System with incubators (Standard Items included*)










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