Detection of Precipitating Antibodies to Aspergillus in Serum

The Microgen Bioproducts Aspergillus Immunodiffusion System is a serological double gel diffusion assay intended for the detection of precipitating antibodies to Aspergillus fumigatus in serum. The kit is intended for professional laboratory use only.

The precipitating antibodies detected by the kits are generated as part of the immune response to exposure to the antigens of Aspergillus. These antibodies are predominantly IgG class, although other classes may have a precipitating function.  

The test relies on the principle of double gel diffusion (Ouchterlony).When soluble antigens and homologous antibodies are placed in adjacent wells cut into suitable diffusion media such as agar or agarose, they diffuse towards one another and produce visible precipitation lines along the interface of optimal relative concentrations. Control sera containing suitable titres of the relevant antibodies are tested in wells adjacent to the antigens being reacted with the patient's serum. The development of precipitin lines in control tests is used to confirm reagent and plate performance. With experience, the controls can be used as markers indicating completion of diffusion. By utilising two antigen concentrations (20mg/mL and 2mg/mL) and careful selection of the method of preparation of antigenic extracts, it is believed that the maximum number of all positive sera will be identified. Consequently, the diagnosis of systemic infection or of hypersensitivity reactions should be made considerably easier. The presence of antibodies resulting from previous exposure to the causative agents can often be differentiated from current infection since the latter is typically characterised by high or rapidly rising titres over a period of time. 

Code    MGFSK1
Size     20 Tests 

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