Surface & Animal Carcass Testing
Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge® Swabs


Speci Sponge Swab Meat Carcass

The Whirl-Pack Speci-Sponge Swab has been designed to facilitate the swabbing of surfaces and equipment in the production area along with testing of animal carcasses. The system comprimises of a special non-inhibitory dry sponge packed within a Whirl-Pak Write-On Bag. Each Whirl-Pak Write One bag features a white strip for documenting the sample identification and description.

  • Large surface coverage - swab the correct surface area to comply with regulatory standards
  • Leak proof closure - protect your sample from leaking or contamination
  • Puncture proof tabs - patented design eliminates the chance of the bag or gloves being punctured
  • Eacy sample idenitification - clear plastic allows for visualy confirmation of sample type / description
  • Superior strength - unbreakable sample container
  • Sterility guaranteed - bags are sterilised after the manufacturing process

To use the Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge® system, the sponge is hydrated with a small amount of sterile diluent. Once absorb, using sterile gloves, aseptically remove the sponge from the bag and swab the test surface. Once swabbing is complete, aseptically place the sponge back into the Whirl-Pak bag and seal to prevent contamination and leakage. The Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge® System is then returned to the laboratory for sample analysis. Both enumeration and pathogen detection methods can be conducted from the sample following the correct procedures.

Whirl-Pak® bags can be used for temperatures up to 82°C and may also be used at freezer temperatures, including liquid nitrogen.

Specifications: -

  • 532mL (18 ounce) capacity
  • Bag: 11.5 x 23cm
  • Sponge: 3.8 x 7.6 x 1.5cm when wet.
  • Box of 100


Note: Capacity is measured in fluid ounces when the bag is closed, and tab is folded over three times. Dimensions of bag are approximate.

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Ordering Details: -

Product Code: NAS-B01245


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