ID of Bacillus spp in Foods

Microgen Bacillus-ID

Identification System for Bacillus Species for the Food Industry

bacillus id kit 

  • Only system specifically designed for Bacillus
  • Simple and easy-to-use 24 reaction system
  • Results in 48 hours
  • Substrates used are based on conventional methods
  • Removes the need for microscopic endospore morpohology
  • Microgen ID System Software


Microgen Bacillus-ID has been developed for the identification of mesophilic Bacillus spp and related genera isolated from food, food ingredients and beverages either as food spoilage or food poisoning organisms. B. cereus and to a lesser extent B. licheniformis are well known as causative agents of food poisoning. Numerous other species and related genera including B. pumilus, B. thuringiensis, B. brevis, B. mycoides, Paenibacillus alvei, B. Circulans and B. sphaericus have also been reported as causing food poisoning.

The idenitification of these species has been difficult due to a combination of factors including: -

  • Confusion over the taxonomy of Bacillus spp. 
  • Variable performance in conventional biochemical test media
  • Extensive range of conventional biochemical media required
  • Reliance on microscopic endopsore morphology


Microgen Bacillus-ID overcomes all of these problems with a simple and convenient identification system presented in a convenient microwell format. 

The Microgen Bacillus-ID identification system consists of 2 microwell strips (labelled BAC1 and BAC2) each containing 12 dehydrated substrates for the performance of either carbohydrate fermentation or other biochemical tests. The last well in the second strip is a carbohydrate fermentation control well for use as a reference well in the interpretation of these tests. The selection of the substrates included in the test panel has been determned using computer based analyser forall available substrates for the identification of differentiation of this group of organisms. 

Identification of isolates is achieved by recording the results visualised by a colour change after 24 and 48 hours incubation at 30°C and the addition of appropriate reagents (indole, nitrate and VP tests) after 48 hours. 

Microgen Bacillus-ID saves time and labour while improving the accuracy and cost of identification of these organisms. Each kit contains suspending medium and sufficient microwell strips for 20 identifications, holding tray and reporting cards. 

Microgen Biochemical Software

  • A computer identification system, no additional materials required.
  • Microgen Biochemical ID Systems are supported by the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use, computerised identification system available.
  • The combination of the appropriate Microgen Biochemical ID System and software provides laboratories with a total package to meet their organisms idenitification needs. 
  • The Microgen-ID system software has an extensive and fully maintained database which includes free database updates for all registered users. 


Pack Insert

Technical Information

Ordering Details: -

Product Code: MGMID-66          Microgen Bacillus-ID Kit          Quantity: 20 tests

Product Code: MGMID-60          Microgen Biochemical Software

Additional reagents required: -

  • MGMID-61A          Nitrate A Reagent
  • MGMID-61B          Nitrate B Reagent
  • MGMID-61C          VP1 Reagent
  • MGMID-61D          VPII Reagent
  • MGMID-61F          Indole Kovacs Reagent
  • MGMID-61G          Oxidase Strips
  • MGMID-61H          Mineral Oil


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