Enterobacteriaceae & Oxidase +ve Bacilli

Microgen GN-ID A and GN-ID B

Identification System for Enterobacteriaceae and Oxidase Positive Bacilli

GNA and GNB Kit

The Microgen GN A-ID System is for the identification of the commonly encountered Enterobacteriaceae from food or medical samples including urinary samples and common wound isolates. For wider clinical application and for veterinary and industrial samples, all currently recognised species of Enterobacteriaceae and an extensive range of oxidase-positive Gram Negative Bacilli can be identified using the combination of Microgen GN A + GN B identification systems.  

The Microgen GN-ID System comprises two separate microwell test strips GN-A and GN-B. Each microwell test strip contains 12 standardised biochemical substrates which have been selected on the basis of extensive computer analysis of published databases for the identification of the family Enterobacteriaceae and commonly encountered non-fastidious oxidase positive and negative gram bacilli. 

  • Microgen GN-A identifies 40 most common gram negative Enterobacteriaceae
  • Microgen GN-A + B identifies 140 species including oxidase positive Pseudomonas, Vibrio and Aermonas groups
  • Superior VP, Lysine and H2S colour reactions
  • Results in 18-24 hours for Enterobacteriaceae
  • Results in 48 hours for oxidase positivie organisms
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Microgen-ID System Software
    • Free updates, update annually
    • Non-web based database
    • Expert system error correction
    • Report probability, % probability and likelyhood
    • Reference identification comments
    • Exportable results

The GN-A microwell test strip is intended for the identification of oxidase negative, nitrate positive glucose fermenters comprising the most commonly occuring genera family Enterobacteriaceae. The GN A and GN B microwell test strips are used together to produce a 24 substrate system to identify non-fastiduous gram negative bacilli (oxidase negative and positive) in addition to all currently recognised species of the family Enterobacteriaceae. 

The GN-B microwell test strips is designed to be used in conjunctio with the GNA strip and not on it's own.  

Microgen Biochemical Software

  • A complete identification system, no additional materials required
  • Microgen Biochemical ID systems are supported by the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use computerised idenitification system available.
  • The combination of the appropriate Microgen Biochemical ID System and Software provides laboratories with a total package to meet their organism identification needs.
  • The Microgen ID System software has an extensive and fully maintained database which includes free database updates for all registered users. 



Training Manual

Pack Insert

Ordering Details: -

  • Product Code: MGMID-64          Microgen GN-ID A          60 tests
  • Product Code: MGMID-65          Microgen GN-ID B          24 tests
  • Product Code: MGMID-60          Microgen Biochemical Software

Additional reagents required: -

  • Product Code: MGMID-61A          Nitrate A
  • Product Code: MGMID-61B          Nitrate B
  • Product Code: MGMID-61C          VP I Reagent
  • Product Code: MGMID-61D          VPII Reagent
  • Product Code: MGMID-61E          TDA Reagent
  • Product Code: MGMID-61F          Indole Kovac Reagent
  • Product Code: MGMID-61G          Oxidase Strips
  • Product Code: MGMID-61H         Mineral Oil



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