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MicroSnap Coliform

Same Shift Coliform Results for Food, Water and Environmental Samples

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MicroSnap Coliform is specifically designed to detect Coliforms in less than 8 hours. The test uses a novel bioluminogenic reaction that generates light when enzyems that are characterist of Coliform bacteria react with specialised substrates. The light generating signal is then quantified in the EnSURE Luminometer. Results are available in 8 hours or less, depending on the required level of detection. Single figure organisms can be detected in 8hours, delivering results in the same working day or shift. 

  • 6 hour quantitative results (CFU Counts)
  • 8 hour presence / absence results
  • Broad CFU detection range (10 - 10000CFU) means fewer dilutions and less sample preparation saving time and money
  • Suitable for product or environmental samples
  • Pass / Fail results at required detection levels are easy to understand
  • Uses common microbiology sample preparation for product samples
  • Same day results allow for timely corrective action
  • In-house testing reduces costs from outside lab fees
  • AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods (#071302)

The test consists of an enrichment device containing a specific growth medium and a detection device containing a bioluminogenic substrate in which the detection reaction is measured using an Hygiena Luminometer. 

In Step 1 (enrichment), the sample is incubated in growth media in order to increase the number of bacteria. As the number of bacteria increase, more of the diagnostic enzymes are created (beta-galactosidase and beta-glucuronidase) which are required for the bioluminogenic reaction. Incubation time of a sample is determined by the level of sensitivity required. 

After incubation, a small amount of sample is transferred to the detection device. In Step 2, a detection device is activated and incubated for 10 minutes. At this time, a specific substrate reacts with diagnostic enzymes to product light. Light is measured in a luminometer in seconds. Light output is directly proportional to initial starting inoculum. 


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Ordering Details: - 

Product Code: HG-MS1-CEC                    MicroSnap Coliform Enrichment Swabs                    Pack of 100

Product Code: HG-MS2-Coliform            MicroSnap Coliform Detection Device                      Pack of 100


To run this test you will also require: -

EnSURE Touch Luminometer

Dry Block Incubator








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