Dry Film Media for Listeria
Compact Dry LS


Compact Dry LS

Compact Dry LS is a ready-to-use dehydrated plate for the quantitation of Listeria spp in raw materials, finished products and on environmental surfaces. 

Listeria spp including Listeria monocytogenes are gram-positive, catalse-positive bacilli that are found within the environment and grow well in cold temperature. While Listeria monocytogenes is of most interest with regards to food safety, the presence of Listeria spp indicates that suitable conditions exist for the growth of the pathogen. Where Listeria spp are detected action should be taken to eliminate these conditions and potential sources of contamination. 

Quantitative hygiene monitoring of surfaces is simple using the Compact Dry LS plates when used with our Q-Swab. Simply use the Q-Swab to test the surface and pour the 1 mL of diluent onto the Compact Dry LS plate for analysis. 

Compact Dry LS contains dehydrated culture media and a cold-water soluble gelling agent in a non-woven cloth matrix. The medium is instantly hydrated when inoculated with a sample, and capillary action diffuse the sample evenly over the matrix to form a gel within seconds. Unlike other dehydrated plates a spreader is not required. 

Compact Dry LS containes a chromogenic substrate that yields a coloured reaction when utilised and permits the differentiation of Listeria spp from other types of bacteria. Listeria spp grow as blue colonies with a diameter of between one and two millimetres. 

  • Easy to use - simply pour 1mL of sample on the plate, place cap on and incubate
  • Self diffusing membrane - spreader not required as the sample diffuses automatically and evenly
  • Stackable - no height restriction or special racks required saving space in your incubator
  • Easy labelling - each plate has a write on area
  • Improved clarity - for better visbility of the growing culture and easy to read results
  • Easy to handle - rigid plastic frame with easy opening lid


Use Compact Dry LS in four easy steps: -

Compact Dry Steps for Use


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