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Is all your office work environment as safe as your food production areas.

Desks, telephones, computers, break rooms, toilets and meeting rooms - How well are they being cleaned.

Get real time results with ATP rapid hygiene testing.


As we slowly return to normal from the COVID-19 isolation and our staff come back to the office, we must continue to be vigilant to provide a safe and hygienic workplace for all staff. Recent outbreaks highlight that the declining COVID-19 risk is a fragile balance which can flare up as quickly as it passes.

The health authorities tell us the best way to prevent COVID-19 is social distancing and handwashing. The first is to limit contact and the handwashing is to remove any contamination from contact with an infectious person or a contaminated surface. 

Hygiene is defined as “conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.” Hygiene testing has been the fundamental basis for food manufacturers HACCP plans, the compulsory food safety plan for Australia. Your offices do have not such compulsory safety plan. 

ATP rapid hygiene testing quantitatively measures the amount of biological residue on surfaces in 10 seconds. If the cleaning procedures are sufficient then there should be low levels of organic residue, whether it be bacteria, virus, food, faeces, urine or saliva.

It is well accepted that a visual inspection is a poor indicator of hygiene while ATP swabs allow you measure what is safe in real time. If your ATP swab fails, then surfaces can be recleaned and retested immediately.


 What is ATP Swab Testing?

Luciferase ATP

Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all living and once-living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not.

With an ATP hygiene monitoring system, ATP is brought into contact with Hygiena’s unique liquid-stable reagent in the test device. Light is then emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present in the sample and read in the SystemSURE Plus, providing information on the level of contamination in seconds.



 But does this work on virus detection?

 Sifuentes et al publication in the Food and Environmental Virology Journal – Use of ATP Readings to Predict a Successful Hygiene Intervention in the Workplace to Reduce the Spread of Virus on Fomites (2016), reported the following:

 Although ATP does not measure viruses, these results demonstrate that ATP measurements could be useful for evaluating the effectiveness of hygiene interventions aimed at preventing viral spread in the workplace.

 Although implementation of hygiene interventions may reduce the spread of viral illnesses in the workplace, traditional methods for evaluating their effectiveness are costly and time-consuming. Rapid methods for screening of relative biological loads on surfaces could be helpful in evaluating the efficacy of mitigation efforts. In this study, the measurement of ATP was used to determine its value as a rapid screening method for evaluation of workplace hygiene interventions in reducing the potential for viral spread.

So ATP rapid hygiene testing is an ideal tool to measure workplace hygiene safety. It should no longer just be a tool for food production areas but one that can also confirm that your offices are just as safe. Your business may already have these ATP swabs systems, so you may just need to expand their use to protect your whole organisation.




What systems are available?

SystemSURE Plus

The SystemSURE Plus ATP luminometer is the next generation of the bestselling SystemSURE II. Designed with state-of-the-art electronics and improved functionality this palm-sized system is easy to use, extremely sensitive and affordable. Used by large and small food processors, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, and other industries where rapid detection of contamination is critical, the SystemSURE Plus allows companies to quickly determine the cleaning efficiency and hygienic status of surfaces and water, ensure product quality, and reduce costs.

SystemSURE Plus Video 

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EnSURE Touch

The EnSURE Touch is a new innovative luminometer which is customisable to support your food safety and sanitation program. Using the one instrument, you can collect, analyse and report multiple quality tests including ATP, microorganisms and enzymes. EnSURE Touch’s responsive, shatterproof touchscreen design puts all the functionality and features of Hygiena’s ATP monitoring system at your fingertips. 

 EnSURE Touch Video 

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Using ATP to reach new levels of Clean




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