Indicator of steam sterilisation

3M™ Comply™ Steam Indicator Tape

Simple & reliable indicator of steam sterilisation.

3M™ Comply™ Indicator tape provides visual assurance that an item has been exposed to the steam sterilisation process. The chemical indicator ink, printed in a diagonal striped pattern, turns darker when exposed to the sterilization process.

  • Easy to use – can be written on or labelled with pre-printed labels
  • High quality adhesive – will not ‘pop’ during sterilisation
  • Acts as a seal for sterilisation packages – save using one tape rather than two
  • Lead free – no hazardous waste required
  • Three sizes available – 12mm, 18mm, 24mm


Pack Insert

Ordering Details: -

  • Product Code: 3M1322-12: 3M™ Comply™ Steam Process Indicator Tape (12mmx55m)
  • Product Code: 3M1322-18: 3M™ Comply™ Steam Process Indicator Tape (18mmx55m)
  • Product Code: 3M1324-18: 3M™ Comply™ Steam Process Indicator Tape (24mmx55m)


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