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 Wizard Compact Dry Plate Reader


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Designed exclusively for the Compact Dry Plate line, the Wizard Compact Dry Reader is a fast, easy and accurate tool to read and record your Compact Dry results. Data storage, sample entry and reporting maybe streamlined using the optional wireless keyboard, barcode scanner and thermal printer. 

  • Automatically reads Compact Dry Plates in
  • High resolution 5MP camera
  • Eliminates human error
  • Improves count consistency
  • Differentiates counts by colony colour
  • Accurately reads up to 150 colonies per plate
  • Accepts individual plates or groups of two, three or four plates
  • Stand alone system - no need for a PC
  • Plates can be inserted from either the left or right hand side of the unit
  • Digitalised plate image can be saved to USB or exported to the user's LIMS program or included software management program


The Wizard Compact Dry Reader is easy to setup and implement into daily routine in any laboratory. The provided instructions enable standard operating procedures and training of staff to be streamlined and fast. 

To use the reader in the laboratory simply switch on, and select the type of plate in the configuration menu. Simply insert the Compact Dry Plate from either side of the Wizard with the lid on and facing down to the bench. Compact Dry Plates may be inserted individually, or a great time saving method is to insert up to 4 connected plates together. 

The software and camera have been designed and calibrated to recognise chromogenic changes in the media and identify typical colony formation on the surface of each plate. An image is shown on the screen with the counted colonies marked for checking. The 'Edit' button allows the user to alter the count in circumstances such as overlapping colonies which the Wizard Compact Dry Reader did not pickup. Once the results are complete, thanks to the available accessories, there are multiple optons to report and enter results / data: -

  • Data can be automatically saved to USB drive
  • Data and plate image can be printed to an external thermal printer
  • Image of the plate can be saved to a USB with or without colony identifier marks
  • Each unit includes the Hardy Data Receiver Program for file organisation and storage
  • Sample names can be entered with touchscreen, keyboard or scanned with the barcode reader




Ordering Details: -

Product Code: HDCDR1          Wizard Compact Dry Reader HDx

Product Code: HD120103       Wizard Keyboard Compact Dry HDx

Product Code: HD120102       Wizard Barcode Reader HDx

Product Code: HS120101       Wizard Thermo Printer HDx

Product Code: HD120104       Receipt Paper HDx, for Thermo Printer





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