Aseptic Liquid Collection

QualiTru Collection Bags

Aseptic collection of liquid samples.

Sterile bags with an 18-gauge needle for convenient collection of liquid samples. Simply insert the needle into the QualiTru Septa for aseptic sample collection.


QualiTru Product Brochure
QualiTru Needle Insertion


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  • Product Code: QMI111450          TruStream Sampling Assembly 250mL Bag, tubing and 18-guage needle - sterile           
  • Product Code: QMI111730          TruStream Sampling Assembly 2L Bag, tubing and 18 guage needle - sterile                 
  • Product Code: QMI111930          TruStream Sampling Assembly 7L Bag, Tubing and 18-guage needle - sterile                 
  • Product Code: QMI111750          TruMotion Sampling Assenbly 2L w/2.0mm silicone tubing for Peristaltic Pump Use Bag, 2.0mm inner diameter tubing and 18-guage needle - sterile
  • Product Code: QMI111770          TruMotion Sampling Assembly 2L w/3.2mm silicone tubing for Peristalitc Pump use Bag, 3.2mm inner diamter tubing and 18-guage needle - sterile




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