In-Line & Tank Sampling System

QualiTru Sampling Systems

Aseptic Sampling for In-Line and Tank Samples

Designed for process monitoring of microbial contamination in-line and tank sampling for a wide variety of industries including dairy, pharmaceutical, brewing, water filtration, wineries, juice and egg producers.

QualiTru Sampling Systems are easy to install in any production plant or in tanker trunks. The user-friendly system offers quality assurance personnel cost effective means to monitor microbial contamination without compromising quality.

QualiTru Sampling system consists of three steps: -

Examples of QualiTru usage in the beverage and liquid processing industry: -

  • Processing Plants for Beverages and other liquid products: - monitoring of water quality
  • Water Filtration Plants: - Monitoring of bacteria / pathogens. Sampling from storage tanks and pasteurisers.
  • Juice – Line sampling to identify yeast and mould contamination. Post pasteurisation contamination monitoring.
  • Breweries: - Line sampling for wild yeast and spoilage bacteria yeast culture management.
  • Wineries: - Monitoring for product and yeast cultures.


Video Demonstration

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QualiTru Overview Brochure
QualiTru Dairy Industry Brochure
QualiTru Processing Schematics 


For further information on each part of the system: -

TruStream7 Ports
TruStream12 Ports
TruDraw Single Aseptic Sampler
Collection Bags


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