Convenient Micro Sampling Of Surfaces

Solar Biological - Cellulose Sponge Swabs


Cellulose Sponge Swab Kit

Intended for collecting environmental samples for monitoring microbial contamination of surfaces within a food processing facility or product such as a carcass swab. Solar Biological cellulose sponge swabs are available in either a dry or pre-moistened format. 

  • Cellulose sponge is selected for it's non-inhibitry properties to food-borne pathogens
  • Large surface of the swab enables the correct surface area to be swabbed complying with regulatory standards
  • Pre-moistened swabs are available in a range of diluents
  • Easy sample identification - clear plastic allows for visual confirmation of sample type / description
  • Sterility guaranteed


Pre-moistened Cellulose Swabs

Eliminate costs and time associated with media preparation, sterilisation and application to the sampling device by ordering pre-moistened cellulose sponge swabs. The ready-to-use sponges are pre-moistened with 10mL's of one of a selection of buffers and individually packed in a vapour-barrier foil pouch. Available in two formats: -

1. Solar Sponge Kits - includes a sterile twirl-tie bag and a pair od sterile plastic gloves. 2 Year shelf life from date of manufacture. Sold in packs of 50. 

  • RL10001891          Solar Sponge Swab with Butterfield's Phosphate Buffer - Kit
  • RL10001892          Solar Sponge Swab with Buffered Peptone Water - Kit
  • RL10001893          Solar Sponge Swab with De Neutralising Broth - Kit
  • RL10001894          Solar Sponge with Letheen Broth - Kit
  • RL10001895          Solar Spone with Neutralising Buffer - Kit

2. Solar Sponge - Pre-Moistened with 10mL Buffer. 2 Year Shelf Life from date of manufacture. Sold in packs of 100

  • RL10001897          Solar Sponge with Butterfield's Phosphate Buffer
  • RL10001898          Solar Sponge with Buffered Peptone Water
  • RL10001899          Solar Sponge with De Neutralising Broth
  • RL10001900          Solar Sponge with Letheen Broth
  • RL10001901          Solar Sponge with Neutralising Buffer
  • RL10001902          Solar Sponge with Neutralising Buffer Peptone Water


Dry Cellulose Swabs

Enjoy the flexibility to add the diluent you require for your specific microbiological testing. As this product is provided in a dry format the shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture. 

  • RL10002325         Solar Sponge in a Sterile Bag

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