Controlled time & temperature

Digital Dry Block Incubators

Designed for Hygiena's wide variety of test devices


Incubator with tubes

Designed specifically for Hygiena's wide variety of test devices, the digital dry block incubator are flexible to suit individual needs. 

Capable of up to 105°C, digital dry block incubators can be set to any temperature required by Hygiena test products and more. The digitally controlled blocks are independently heated, allowing you to run two temperatures in one incubator at a time - ideal for users running a variety of tests. A built in timer features auto-stop and sound alert to help you achieve perfect incubation every time. 

  • Designed specifically for Hygiena test devices
  • Numbered wells help keep testing organised 
  • Flexible configuration can accomodate swab test devices or large volume vial tubes
  • Digital controlled independent blocks can be held at different temperatures
  • Small footprint taken minimal bench space

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Digital Dry Block Incubators are available in two sizes to accomodate your testing volume: -

Small footprint (6-12 wells)

The small footprint incubator (INCUBATOR) is perfect for users running a low volume of tests at one temperature

Lab format (30-70 wells)

For larger volume users or users running multiple tests requiring two temperature, the Lab format incubator is ideal. As the blocks are heated independtly, the Lab format can be configured in 3 different ways. 

Specifications: -

  • Wide Temperature Range:
    • Room Temperature +5°C - 80°C for small format
    • Room Temperature +5°C - 105°C for lab format
  • Temperature stability: ≤0.5°C
  • Volumetric capacity of small tube incubator blocks = 1.5mL
  • Heats to maximum temperature in less than 15 minutes
  • Timer range: 1 minute - 99 hours and 59 minutes
  • Blocks sold separately
  • Includes manual, power cord, wrench, and performance certificate



Ordering Details: -

 Blocks are sold separately. 

  • To order INCUBATOR, please order both INCUBATOR and IB003 or IB004
  • To order INCUBATOR2, please order INCUBATOR2 and any combination of IB001 and IB002 for a total of 2 blocks. 


Product Code: HGINCUBATOR          Small Format Digital Dry Block Incubator - blocks not included

Product Code: HGIB003                     Hygiena Swab Tube Block for Model No:HGINCUBATOR - 12 wells

Product CodeL HGIB004                    Hygiena Vial Tube Block for Model No: HGINCUBATOR - 6 wells

Product Code: HGINCUBATOR2        Lab Format Digital Dry Block Incubaotr - blocks not included

Product Code: HGIB001                     Hygiena Swab Tube Block for Model No: HGINCUBATOR2 - 35 wells

Product Code: HGIB002                     Hygiena Vial Tube Block for Model No: INCUBATOR2 - 15 wells






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