Gas Analyser of MAP Food Packaging

OXYBABY® for O2 or O2 / CO2

Portable Gas Analysers for Quality Control of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) in Food Packaging

The OXYBABY® 6.0 is an ideal portable instrument for fast and accurate gas analysis in the production area or laboratory. OXYBABY® 6.0 has minimum gas requirement of

The USB port or optional Bluetooth interface of the headspace OXYBABY® 6.0 provides a fast and easy communication for data transfer or for the connection of a separate printer. More OXYBABY® 6.0 options available include: barcode reader, documentation software, can piercer for measurements of bottles or cans.

The permanent flow control with automatic alarm is triggered when a blockage of a needle or filter is detected, preventing incorrect readings being taken.

Together with the exclusive OXYBABY® 6.0 CONTROL CENTRE-Software the measured results can be documented providing complete traceability.

  • Two models available: O2 only or O2 and CO2
  • 6 second measurement time
  • O2 value is displayed in 0.01% steps
  • Measures the gas pressure inside the package
  • Complete digital documentation
  • Long export intervals by integrated data log of the last 500 measurements
  • Data transfer and charge of batteries via USB port
  • Product administration up to 25 users; 100 product names and 50 packaging lines
  • Cordless operation using chargeable batteries
  • Long life of sensor
  • Easy to clean
  • Large screen
  • Integrated needle cover to protect the user
  • Optional: Bluetooth reader, integrated barcode reader

Specifications: -

  • Gases O2 balance gas:          N2 (Ar or other gases on request)
                                               O2 and / or CO2 gas: N2 (Ar or other gases on request)
  • Measuring range:                  0-100%; in 0.1% steps
  • Sample gas requirement:       O2 <2mL
                                                CO2 <6mL
  • Calibration: Simple two-point calibration


Video Demonstration

OXYBABY® 6.0 Demonstration
OXYBABY® Calibration Procedure 







Ordering Details: -

Product Code: WITT590000311 OXYBABY® 6.0 O2 Only with Software

Product Code: WITT590000311A OXYBABY® 6.0 O2 Only without Software

Product Code: WITT590000282 OXYBABY® 6.0 O2 / CO2 with Software

Product Code: WITT590000282 OXYBABY® 6.0 O2 / CO2 with Software


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