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GlutenTox Sticks Plus

Detection Kit For Foods, Drinks and Working Surfaces

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GlutenTox Stick Plus is an immunochromatographic rapid test for the detection of gluten in cosmetics, drinks, foods, personal care goods and on work surfaces to prevent cross contamination. The kit utilises the G12 anti-gliadin antibody that specifically recognises the most immunogenic fraction of gluten that triggers coeliac disease. 

  • Detection limit 3ppm
  • Qualitative results
  • Specific to the toxic fraction of gluten
  • Results in 1 hour
  • Suitable for hydrolysed foods
  • No false positive or negative results
  • No cross reactivity with soy, rice or corn
  • Unique method to detect oat toxicity

For all matrices being tested the gluten must be extracted from the samples for analysis, and is therefore one of the most critical points of the testing process. The GlutenTox Stick Plus kit includes the Universal Gluten Extraction Solution (UGES) which is suited to all types of food samples thanks to the combination of denaturing agents, reducing agents and solubilisers. For samples containing polyphenols, tannins or antioxidants a special additive must added to the extraction process. Foods rich in polyphenols or tannins include chocolate, tea, coffee, wine, purple corn and corn fibre, soy, berries. The most common antioxidant in cosmetic products are Vitamins A, C and E, carotenes, carotenoids etc. 

A visual result attained once the lateral flow device is placed into the extracted / diluted samples. 

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