Allergens Detection in 11 minutes

3M™ Milk Allergen Protein Rapid Kit


3M™ Milk Protein Rapid Kits are a sensitive, ready to use lateral flow device for on-site routine testing for casein allergens.

Allergens can be detected at any stage of the production process from ingredient testing through to finished product analysis. The lateral flow device provides hygiene test result within 11 minutes, enabling corrective actions to be implemented quickly when required.

  • One step extraction 
  • Results in 11 minutes
  • Hook Line - avoids false negatives
  • Long shelf life – 2 years from manufacture


The Hook Test Advantage

The hook effect or prozone effect is well-recognised immunologic phenomenon where the effectiveness of antibody based assays can impaired when there are high concentration of the target allergen. This can produce false negative results for highly contaminated samples that pose a high risk to allergy sufferers. The 3M Allergen kits have an additional Hook Line detection system in their strips to identify this problem, providing great confidence and security in your allergen reporting.  

Reading LFD

Each test kit comes complete with strips, extraction tubes, an extraction buffer and quick guide.

Milk Allergens

Milk represents one of the largest food allergens, especially for children and is therefore important that products are labelled correctly. The risk of hidden proteins in food such as sausages, cookies and ready-to-eat meals represent a critical problem for allergic people. Approximately 80% of bovine milk proteins are composed of α, β, and κ-Caseins. These proteins are a major component of cheese, and due to their resistance to heat can be found in many other dairy products, thus representing a ubiquitous allergen. The 3M™ Milk Protein Rapid test kit offers food manufacturers a tool to prevent the release of product contaminated with this allergen.


  • Limit of Detection:
    • 0.5ppm Casein (finished product and rinse water testing)
    • 0.5µg / 100cm² Casein (Swab testing)
  • Range of Detection:
    • 0.5-1500ppm Casein

Video Demonstration

3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay CIP Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Swab Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Liquid Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Liquid Chocolate Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Solid Protocol
3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Kit Assay Result Interpretation


3M™ Allergen at a Glance
3M™ Allergen Brochure
3M™ Food Allergen Control

3M™ Milk Protein Rapid Kit Instructions

Technical Documents

AOAC certificate


Ordering Details

Cat No: 3ML25MLK                 3M™Milk Allergen Rapid Kit                       Pack Size: 25 tests

Cat No: 3MECS100                 3M™ Environmental Collection Swab        Pack Size: 100 tests

Cat No: 3MTP100                    3M™ Transfer Pipette 100uL                       Pack Size: 100 tests


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